La Fraîcheur of Southwestern France

Try as I might, thoughts of my recent trip to the southwest of France sill linger; her images still FRESH in my mind, like all of the flowers I saw in bloom no matter where I roamed.

Whether wild, on display in open-air markets and street-side shops, or carefully planted by city, town and village workers and residents, it certainly was a colorful way to say bienvenue and invite me in to their beautiful and picturesque little corner of the world.

The freshness of it all, la fraîcheur, is already calling me back.

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A bientôt!

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images

TPT Borsalino_RedWhiteBlue | ©Tom Palladio Images



    1. Helen – From my vantage, I didn’t see any fields of wild flowers. I saw plenty of round bales of hay laid out in order and hectares of vineyards, but, alas, nary jachere fleurie. Probably a bit late in the season, or I just wasn’t in the right place at the right time, although I covered a good 3,000 or so kilometers in the car with my eyes wide open.

      1. Au contraire, Tom, you may have been too early. I was there in August last year (too hot!), surrounded by fields of sunflowers and Jachere Fleurie fields. Maybe you were an hour more northerly?

    1. Tina – I, too, missed the hills covered in wildflower. Probably missed all the color by a week or so. Nevertheless, I still managed to sight a few blooms through my lens. What I did see, but didn’t capture, were the tiny hummingbird-like butterflies zipping around the lavender. Glad you enjoyed the frames.

  1. I was blessed to see the lavender fields once and what a sight (and aroma) to behold. You captured much beauty with your choices, Tom. I just got back from a nature shoot with my iPad–did exercise walking, then went back and spent more than the time it took me to walk around the lake twice just taking pictures. So thankful it was cool enough to get out finally.


  2. Love the happy feelings all these colours together created in my mind! Thank you!! Have just finished watching TdF [real time thru’ the night here in Australia!] and was thrilled at the many blooming lavender fields we passed: of exceptionally deep purple hues this year! Oh, shared your last ‘Dordogne’ post with quite a few of my lists this morning to celebrtae the end of TdF: did not have your email to include you but Paige does have a copy . . .

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