Kalterer See Weinland DOC

Kalterer See Weinland DOC – Ritterhof Winery – Lago di Caldaro/Kalterer See (BZ), Italy

Wilhelm Walch cellar

Situated in the village of Kaltern (Caldaro), in the heart of the South Tyrol of Italy’s northernmost region of the Alto Adige, you’ll find the small Ritterhof Winery run by the Roner family. One of many wineries that dot the famous Weinstraße (Wine Road), Ritterhof produces and markets three separate lines of bottled grape: Ritterhof, Crescendo and Kalterer See (Lago di Caldaro). It is the later line’s namesake blend that we find our wine pairing.

Riterhof Kalterer See Weinland DOC | ©Tom Palladio Images  Ritterhof's Kalterer See Weindland DOC | ©Tom Palladio Images

The Kalterer See Weinland DOC is a blend primarily of Vernatsch with subtle additions of Lagrein and Pinot Nero. Ruby red to dark garnet in color, this wine has a pleasant, distinct fruity bouquet. On the palate, it’s dry, mild and harmonious with hints of bitter almonds.

Ritterhof's Kalterer See Weinland DOC paired with Farfalle pasta | ©Tom Paladio Images  Ritterhof's Kalterer See Weindland DOC and pizza | ©Tom Palladio Images

A remarkably versatile, any time wine, Kalterer See Weinland DOC pairs well with a variety of light meals, red meats and poultry. It did well complimenting our farfalle pasta dish and has sampled well alongside one of our signature flatbread pizzas.


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