Up and At ‘Em: A Walk Through Paradise

I don’t want to jinx the weather, but we’ve been on a roll here of late with sunny skies, warm temps and no tree-bending winds around the Valle d’Itria of Puglia in southeastern Italy. In the words of Eddy and Patsy, “It’s absolutely fabulous” out there.

The changing of the seasons is definitely in the air around La Terra dei Trulli (Land of the Trulli) and also in my giddyup, as I logged 13k steps trekking in the ‘hood recently, passing through five nearby contrade (districts) out in the countryside of Ostuni: Cinera, where I live with Orna, along with Cervarolo, Peraro, Foragno and Buongiorno.

With the sounds of birds chirping about at first light and power saws abuzz as farmers are hard at work with la potatura (pruning) out in the olive groves until the sun goes down, I’d say springtime has finally arrived in our little slice of paradise.




  1. Great Tom! Love it. It’s interesting to see how the clouds behave when they’re photographed on a time-lapse. Mind you, being on lockdown for a year, the days feel as they’re on a time-lapse too. ⏰


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