Up and at ‘Em: Lago di Brina

Just down our dusty lane, about 500 steps away from Villa Allegra, sits Trullo GamberoViola, the home and exotic park-like setting of Daniele and Margherita — he the Gambero, she the Viola — two of the nicest neighbors anyone could wish for.

Filled with olive and fruit trees, countless flowering plant life and a greenhouse built to house and nurture their collection of hundreds of orchids collected from around the world, Trullo GamberoViola, a fully restored, three-cone trullo and lamia in the middle of three hectares of land, is a real Shangri-La tucked away in our laid-back, quiet-as-a-mouse neighborhood in the Valle d’Itria.

New to the property is Lago di Brina, a recently dug, man-made, three-sectioned pond named in honor of their fallen and beloved German Kurzhaar hunting dog. Carved out of the rugged terracotta-colored earth, this little oasis is stocked with darting minnows under the surface, colorful lily pads floating above and dragonflies zipping about to attract the curious — flying, crawling or walking.

A true labor of love, Daniele and Margherita equally share the passion and the sweat-of-the-brow maintenance that’s required to keep Trullo GamberoViola, their one-of-a-kind sanctuary, ready at a moment’s notice for anyone who happens by for a look around, including this camera-laden interloper. 😉




  1. Dear Tom! What a lovely blog! We are very lucky to share the friendship and neighbourhood of Dani and Margherita! And to enjoy the little paradise on earth!
    Grazie for your description and wonderful picture!

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