Up and at ‘Em: Reclaiming our Coastline

The onslaught of tourists that held our adopted hometown of Ostuni hostage throughout the summer have finally departed. And, that means our nearby Adriatic coastline, in the Alto Salento of Puglia, is now free and clear of loungers, umbrellas and traffic.

With Orna behind the wheel of her panna cotta-colored Cinquecento, we cruised down to the impromptu carpark at Fontanelle, laced ‘em up and trekked along the coastal trail, between Gorgognolo and Costa Merlata, to reacquaint ourselves with some of our favorite blue-flag beaches and rocky outcrops, collectively known as the Marina di Ostuni. What a joy. We hadn’t ventured down here since early June.

“Welcome back,” the sea exclaimed as we passed by. Aah, this is the life. 🤗




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