Cantina Sant’Andrea


HOMER’S enchanting sorceress Circe still casts her intoxicating spell far and wide through award-winning wines and spirits harvested from reclaimed marshlands in Italy’s Lazio region by this venerable cantina — a family of vintners that weathered a real-life odyssey to rival that of Ulysses.  To find out for yourself, visit Cantina Sant’Andrea in Borgo Vodice (LT), just outside of San Felice Circeo.  Pandolfo family patriarch Gabrielle and son Andrea III would love to show you around.

Primary vineyards, production facility and outlet store located at Borgo Vodice on Via del Renibbio Podere.  Just follow the botte (barrel) signs along regional road 148 (Pontina) and you’ll be there. Additional outlet stores in nearby Latina, Sabaudia and Terracina.

For a full account of this family’s personal odyssey, read In Search of Their Private Ithaca.

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The Palladian Traveler's Borsalino over cobblestone | ©Tom Palladio Images


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