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Tom's Insight profile pic_WM_SBPOn numerous occasions I’ve been a guest journalist of Insight Vacations (Insight), the upscale brand of The Travel Corporation, and offered a business class legroom seat on one of its sleek motor coaches to experience the “art of touring in style” around Europe.

Together with other international travel writers and photographers, collectively known as the “band of merry media,” I soak in the scenery, marvel at the history, enjoy five-star accommodations and savor superlative food and drink, all on Insight‘s dime. Not a bad gig, right?

In return, I independently file dispatches about the various Insight itineraries, documenting my experiences and observations and sharing it all with my readership.

I’m happy to have Insight as my “patron,” much like Michelangelo had the Medici, and am always ready and willing to get back on one of its motor coaches for another premium or luxury-escorted journey.

While I wait to receive my next invitational travel letter, you’re welcome to retrace my steps along the cobble and travertine by selecting from my dispatches inside the individual itineraries located underneath the Insight Vacations Journeys pull-down menu at the top of this page.

Safe travels!

©The Palladian Traveler

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  1. Tom is one of those pretty rare #TrulyMustRead writers. He is an observant and frank storyteller with a sixth-sense for unusual angle. He has a style that is always informative, witty and entertaining. He is as good company as you journey through his prose as he is in person. Read on my friends…

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