The Bay of Sant’Angelo d’Ischia

Here’s a picturesque little dot out at sea that I’m sure you’ll enjoy — Ischia (EE-skee-ah).

Sant'Angelo d'Ischia, Italy | ©Tom Palladio ImagesThe largest island in the Phelgrean Archipelago — just at the northern end of the Bay of Naples in the Mare Tirreno (Tyrrhanean Sea) — Ischia is where about six-million tourists come annually to enjoy la dolce vita (the sweet life), for a week, a month or for a season.

One of the most picturesque BAYS in the world lies on the backside of the island at Sant’Angelo d’Ischia. It’s actually the jewel of the island, tucked away — like a quiet fishing village should — far from the madding crowd.

Enjoy the views.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images
TPT Borsalino lt. blue | ©Tom Palladio Images ___________________________________________________________________


    1. Jo – I did give you 13 in the short video-slideshow. If you missed it, circle back and click the arrow on the VideoPress. Glad you enjoyed the 1 static shot, or the video bundle.

  1. Beautiful photos and music. Have you been to Procida, Ponza and all those small islands around Naples not in the tourist spotlight?

    1. Procida, si, and Capri, but none of the others…YET! I often go off the beaten path, it’s my preferred direction. About Puglia, I just can’t say enough about it. I love the Salento area even more. Have a great trip!

      1. Go off the beaten path Tom, you will find surprises. I am taking a group to Puglia April 15, 2013 to places they can’t even imagine. I am from those parts, I know Puglia in and out, my group will love it.

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