Puntay Merlot Reserva DOC

Puntay Cellar, Erste + Neue
Puntay Cellar, Erste + Neue

Puntay Merlot Reserva DOC (2008), Erste + Neue, Caldaro (BZ), Italy.

In the mid 1900s, two vineyards, Erste (first) and Neue (new), joined forces to form Erste + Neue, the first wine co-operative in the area with 100+ years of experience handling the grape. Today, E+N manages the wine economy and trade for 430 area vineyards. E+N sits along the prestigious Strada del Vino (Road of Wine) and its picturesque namesake lake (Lago di Caldara) in the Alto Adige (South Tyrol) of northern Italy.

Puntay Merlot | ©Tom Palladio Images     Puntay Merlot | ©Tom Palladio Images

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Puntay Merlot Reserva DOC (2008) is an intense garnet red (14% alcohol) that overflows with fragrances of blackberries and black cherries with soft touches of vanilla. This delicious dry red has well-defined tannins and a long-lasting finish. It pairs perfectly with roasted meats, pastas in thick meat sauces, and aged cheeses.

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