Destination Southwestern France: C’etait Magnifique!

Like the great names out of the record book who have sped across the final finish line in Paris to retain the maillot jaune (the yellow jersey) signifying the winner of the annual 21-stage/23-day-long Tour de France cycling race, I, too, crossed the finish line a winner of sorts at the end of my petit, 10-day tour of, and family reunion in, southwestern France.

Travel brochures of SEW France | ©Tom Palladio Images

Given all the food I ate, the wines I tasted, the sights I saw and the 1,298 photos that somehow managed to survive the delete button on my three cameras and go on to help me narrate my sojourn, I’d say I had a fantastic time and my vacation worthy of a winner’s jersey. C’etait magnifique!

For those of you who virtually meandered along the cobblestone with me as I posted my dispatches from Sarlat-la-Canéda, Domme, Beynac-et-Cazenac, St. Emilion, Montagne, St. Georges, Libourne and Pyla-sur-Mer, I say, Merci beaucoup.

Now, if you’ll indulge me just a little bit more, permit me to bore you to death for the final time with the following post-vacation slide show scored with the French song Les Épaves Sereines by Presque Oui.

Bon visionnage.

©The Palladian Traveler

TPT Borsalino_RedWhiteBlue | ©Tom Palladio Images



  1. Tom, it’s always a joy to visit and relax with the beauty you provide. I think you do the best job of putting together videos of anyone I’ve seen on the web and I mean that sincerely. Do you have the non-free WordPress to do this and if you have the regular one, how do you do it? It’s something I’d like to work on.


    1. Janet — I do have a Premium WP themed blog, but regardless I build all of my “videos” on my Apple Mac Book Pro, then just upload the final result as a “movie” when I insert it into my post as new media. It’s really the software in my Mac that makes my efforts look so good. It helps to have nice photos, organized in such a way to visually tell a story, and the music selection has to be the perfect companion for the video. I don’t always achieve what I set out to do, but, generally, I’m pretty pleased with the results. It takes a lot of work putting one of these together, and videos, probably because of their lengths, don’t seem to attract that many eyeballs when compared to a post that might have just a handful of photos. More effort than it’s worth, actually, but I like adding videos occasionally to a post vice just static photos. Glad you liked this one, and thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated.

  2. On a busy Friday afternoon in wintry Australia I did not quite expect to be transported in such a delightful dreamy way to idyllic vistas of SW France . . . thank you . . and loved the music 🙂 !

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