Destination southwestern France: Sarlat-la-Canéda


  1. I knew you’d never stay “off the air” for a couple weeks and thank goodness. Would you please grab that red hat and send it to me? And some of the wine and food as well? Thanks! 🙂

    Have a blast.



  2. i can see you’re enjoying yourself Tom! I’m particularly glad of the Sarlat slideshow – thirty odd years ago Mum and Dad took themselves off to France and stayed a couple of weeks in Sarlet. They took photos, of course, but by the time I got to see them they were so faded I had no idea, except for the sparkle in the old dears’ eyes, just how lovely it is – so thanks for that – I had a bit of a walk with them this morning which is a fine feeling 🙂


  3. Great photos. They tug at those special places in my memory of being in new and exciting towns. I felt I could walk the streets with you. Thanks, Tom.


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