Gone Fishin’

The Palladian Traveler graphic | ©Tom Palladio ImagesThe Palladian Traveler (TPT) has been out in the blogosphere now for almost a year.

It’s been a long, steady uphill climb to draw attention to this blog, but, somehow, I’ve garnered enough followers and likes to keep my creative juices flowing and the inkwell full.

This short entry — #226 of combined posts and pages that I’ve tossed out there since last July — is to let you know, if you’re interested, that I’m hanging out the GONE FISHIN’ sign. I’m taking a couple of weeks off to recharge the batteries in the southwestern part of France.

Gone Fishin' to SW France | ©Tom Palladio ImagesI won’t be sleeping in as I plan to take plenty of notes and shoot countless frames of interesting people, places and things along the French cobblestone.

Hopefully, I’ll return home with a trunk full of material to pass along as I jump-start TPT for its second year of existence. Who knows, I might even bring back a beret to keep my Borsalino company.

Thanks again for joining me as I meandered along the cobblestone to somewhere these past 12 months. I hope to see your smiling face upon my return and, together, we can start reading chapter II.

À bientôt.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images

TPT Borssalino_RedWhiteBlue | ©Tom Palladio Images



  1. Enjoy and refresh, Tom. I will look forward to seeing you when you return – full of excitement about where you have been and what you have seen through your lens. Safe travels!


  2. Congratulations on your first anniversary blogging. Have a great trip and I look forward to reading your posts about your experience in due course.


  3. Safe travels and have a blast. I look forward to seeing what you capture on the trip and I know, having been to Provence, that you’ll be eating well, so don’t bring back too much more of you (although we love all of you anyway.) 🙂



    1. Meredith — What? You’re already composing my opening line to my first post from SW France? I do like the sound, and smell, of it: lavender and thyme…rocky hillsides…great wine. Sounds like the perfect place for me to be heading. Can’t wait to get there and start sipping. 🙂


    1. Sorry Bailey, I’m taking the high route, through Torino, Grenoble and Lyons before finally arriving near Bordeaux. Maybe next time I’m in Nice we canhook up. That would be “nice,” wouldn’t it? Ciao bello!


    1. Thanks MG. Obviously, I couldn’t stay away from my computer or blog and have been cranking out the posts, while on vacation, just the same. Thanks for hangin’ with me these past 12 months. More to come.


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