Marina di Carovigno: Blue Flag Beaches in Bunches

No sooner does the southern end of Marina di Ostuni — that 20 km (12 mi.) stretch of Adriatic coastline under the purview of Ostuni — fade away in the rear view mirror, than another stretch of sand and rock quickly appears to carry the prestigious Blue Flag further south along Italy’s stiletto heel: Marina di Carovigno.

With low cliffs, grottoes, wide sandy beaches, intimate coves, two 16th century Aragonese watchtowers and clear-as-a-bell water, Marina di Carovigno offers an array of fun-in-the-sun spots to explore on foot, gaze out to sea under the shade of an umbrella, or soar above the waves and rocks in an ultralight!

From La Gola, L’Isoletta and Mezzaluna up north; Torre Santa Sabina in the middle; and, Pantanagianni, Punta Penna Grossa and Torre Guaceto down south, the 16,000 or so residents of the town of Carovigno, not to mention well-informed tourists, have 14 km (8.4 mi.) of unblemished shoreline nearby to select their spot to while away the days under the spell of the Pugliese blue.

Puglia boasts a coastline of approximately 800 km (480 mi.), but only four exceptional stretches are privileged to wave the highly-prized Blue Flag. That short list includes Marina di Carovigno.

Noted for its super-clean waters, marine life, well-maintained beaches and sound environmental management, it’s no wonder locals and tourists alike set their GPSes for this little slice of paradise along the southeastern reach of the Adriatic Sea.

“Arrived at destination.” Now, that’s music to my ears!




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