The Beaches of Ostuni: Torre Pozzelle

From Lido Morelli up north down to the southern reaches of Lamaforca, Ostuni, La Città Bianca (The White City), lays claim to an incomparable 18km stretch of blue flag-rated beaches that hug the Adriatic coastline of sun-drenched Puglia on Italy’s stiletto heel. And, one of these sparkling jewels is Torre Pozzelle.


Wild and unspoiled, Torre Pozzelle is home to five enchanting sandy coves, laid out like outstretched fingers of a hand, that are interspersed with large stretches of rock, surrounded by centuries-old junipers, lapped by the incredibly blue waters of the sea and bathed in sunlight under a never-ending sky.


The centerpiece of this little slice of paradise is a 16th century Aragonese watchtower that continues to stand vigil over the jagged coastline jutting out to sea.




  1. The Ostuni coast in winter is stunningly beautiful and great for walks at this quiet time of year. Fabulous photos…well captured!

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