Shucks, Folks, I’m being singled out Again

It’s not often that I turn fifty shades of red (better than grey, right?), but Kay — the Travellersoul76 — has picked me out of the blogosphere lineup and nominated The Palladian Traveler site for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Shucks, folks, here we go again.

Me and my good buddy, the Cowardly Lion, seem to be joined at the hip when someone decides to throw the spotlight our way.

Photo courtesy ©Warner Bros.
Photo courtesy ©Warner Bros.

Kay has made it awfully hard for me not to turn redder than a pomodoro as she’s nominated TPT by saying, “I truly enjoy your blog posts which are so well written and I love your gorgeous photos, which is why I have nominated TPT for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”

Like the CL, I prefer to simply hide behind my nom de plume, but as part of the fun of accepting a “merit badge” for blogging, I now have to dig deep into my closet and reveal seven random things about myself that even my barber doesn’t know.

Here goes.

1) I got my start in print journalism from the “outside looking in” as I carried articles written by other scribes door-to-door as a paperboy; three weekly routes. That’s a lot of ink to haul around.

Cast of Seinfeld and Tom2) I had my picture taken with the cast of Seinfeld; they were on a computer file, I was standing in front of a green screen, and someone merged us all together. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

3) Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed about traveling to Cuba. Haven’t gotten there yet, but that beckoning call is still on the back burner.

4) I cook only because I have to eat.

5) I love wine in all of its various shades, especially rosé during summertime.

6) I have an autographed baseball from the late, St. Louis Cardinals’ great Stan “The Man” Musial which reads, “Tom, you’re the man.”

7) And, I purchased my first cell (mobile) phone in 2006 — for calling — and just bought an iPhone last Friday — mainly for the panoramic photo option. How’s that for progress?

Piazza dei Signori - Vicenza, IT | ©Tom Palladio Images

As was the case with the mighty Wizard of Oz, I, too, am supposed to dole out some hardware and “pay it forward” by bestowing the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on 15 other bloggers, much more worthy than me, who have displayed great courage as they weave their way through the blogosphere. Truth be told, I can’t single out 15 individuals without feeling like I’ve shortchanged all of my other fellow bloggers.

Photo courtesy ©Warner Bros.
Photo courtesy ©Warner Bros.

If Kay doesn’t mind, and I don’t think she will, I’ll just dispense with the 15-blogger rule and award this badge to everyone who simply reads this post.

Hey, just like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, we’re all in this together, too, in one form or another — as writers, photographers, foodies, travelers, adventurers, etc. — finding our way along that proverbial Yellow Brick Road.

Take a bow, then take the badge. You’re very inspiring, too.

©The Palladian Traveler

The Palladian Traveler's Borsalino over cobblestone | ©Tom Palladio Images


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Tom traded his hometown St. Louis Cardinals' baseball cap in the United States for a Borsalino and he now hangs his "capello" in the Puglia region of southeastern Italy. A veteran print and broadcast journalist, with well-worn passports that have got him into and out of 50 countries and counting, Tom fell in love with the "Bel Paese" years ago. As he notes, "I'm inspired by the beauty I find in all things that are very, very old, and reliving history, or at least meandering along the travertine and cobblestone that were laid down over a thousand years ago and just looking up and marveling at what occupies the space still today, really gets my 'Vespa' running." Tom has a good eye behind the lens and is a graphic storyteller, but he'll let you decide as he keeps his camera batteries fully charged and the posts flowing from his creative hideaway in the hills overlooking Ostuni. You can also follow his dispatches via and Anthology Magazine Ireland.


  1. Congratulations Tom on being a deserving VIBA nominee! Kay has very good taste. Now pick up that beautiful hat on the gravel driveway before it rains!!
    Herb Glover


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