Did Jimmy Fallon make Me do It?

No, he did not. But Jimmy did, indirectly, through his weekly Thank You Notes segment on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, inspire me.

I’m happy to report that The Palladian Traveler blog just hit the 5,000 VIEWS mark a little while ago. And, like Jimmy Fallon, I’d like to “thank you” for reading, viewing, following or signing up for email alerts of TPT posts and pages.

To veteran WordPress bloggers, that number probably doesn’t look like much now, but just remember back when you first launched. It was difficult to get readership, right? But, over time, the LIKES, COMMENTS, RE-POSTS, PINGS, LINKS, etc. began to arrive.

Like a new car, The Palladian Traveler site needs to go in for its “5,000 mile checkup” and, while up on the rack, salute those “mechanics” that have inspired and encouraged me to continue to “meander along the cobblestone to somewhere.”


Stephanie for being the GOOD DAUGHTER.

Marvelous Mark for carving up the Porchetta.

The Lazy Person for being, uh, so darn LAZY.

Maddie for just being Maddie.

My closet full of BLUE Shirts. What can I say.

La Famiglia Pandolfo for sharing your personal odyssey.

Tiramisu for being my summer “roommate.”

Massimo Troisi for delivering the mail on the Island of Procida.

Ulysees for losing your way on the voyage back to Ithaca.

(The) Regents Park for flowers in bloom.

Baccus, the Roman god of wine, for making dinnertime AND writing that much more enjoyable.

Queen Viola Cipolla of Tropea for being the queen in my kitchen.

Trina, the happiest Canadian on the planet, for pushing me into the blogosphere.

All of my Mugbook followers — you know who you are — who have shared the TPT brand with their friends, their friends’ friends, the friends of their friends’ friends, and so on.

Matt Mullenweg for creating WordPress and giving all of us bloggers a place to hang our hats AND all of our dangling participles.

Apple’s MacBook Pro for making the words and photos merge so much easier.

The City of Vicenza for granting me residency in postal code 36100 so that I can blog from my creative hideaway on Viale G. Verdi.

All the members of TPT’s Cobblestone Community for joining up with me.

Andrea Palladio, the Renaissance master builder.  Without your legacy there would be no Palladian between The and Traveler.

And, Jimmy Fallon, for your Friday night Thank You Notes on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Here’s hoping the push towards 10,000 views comes a bit quicker than the first 5k.

Ciao for now.

©The Palladian Traveler



  1. Hi Tom, what a heart warming thank you note!! I know that all those that I have suggested to read your blog have been more than smitten by it. So, thank you for the meandering down those cobblestone roads and for bringing back to life those fond memories of people that I have met and loved, for places that I have visited and dream of,and for words that linger on. Bacioni del Canada!

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