Curve Your Enthusiasm

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge has us going in CIRCLES and around CURVES this week. I don’t know about you, but I really like her shot of the old-fashioned barber shop pole. Which reminds me, I’m due for a trim.

SeinfeldAmong the many things that I’ve revealed in this blog since joining the b-sphere last summer is that I’m a HUGE fan of the long-running American TV sitcom Seinfeld. Jerry and his creative cohort, Larry David, made Thursday nights in the U-S-of-A during the 90s “must-see” TV on the Peacock Network.

Since the multiple Emmy Award-winning Seinfeld headed “up the river” for good — but, it’s still on the tube somewhere in Rerunville — Larry David took a short respite, then came back with a hit show of his own on HBO, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It ran for eight seasons, and there are rumors floating around that he’ll return for number-9. We can only hope.

Larry DavidIf LD were to make a comment about Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, he’d probably lean in to Richard Lewis and have the following observational exchange:

David: “Hey, let me ask you something. Isn’t a CIRCLE just one continuous CURVE, and a CURVE circular by nature? I can’t tell the difference. Can you?”

Lewis: “You know, it never dawned on me.”

David: “Look. There’s something round about both of them. How can you tell them apart? This Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is driving me nuts! I’ll bet Ted Danson would know.”

david and lewisLewis: Geez, Larry. Let it go.

David: No, I’m gonna call Danson and get to the bottom of this CIRCLES-and-CURVES thing, then I’m gonna send this Cee gal a hula hoop.

Lewis: Now that’s a CIRCLE..

David: (Raising his voice) And it’s CURVED, too!

Lewis: Do you sleep at night?

David: “Pretty, pretty, pretty…pretty good.”

Lewis: “Just watch the video, Larry.”

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  1. Well I too loved Seinfeld AND Larry David’s show. We’ve written many an episode here on Kiawah among my friends 🙂 And your video was wonderful. Great job!

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