Shucks Folks, I’m Speechless!

Last week I posted that The Palladian Traveler blog had surpassed 500 LIKES, individual pats-on-the-back from fellow bloggers and strangers alike. Again, many thanks for your support as I continue to grow the TPT brand.

Well, the other day Nicole, aka The Gourmand Chic, nominated my blog for an Illuminating Blogger Award (IBA). Grazie mille! Nicole for shining a bit of light on my budding travel-foodie-photography blog. Any additional eyes and ink that I receive going forward to raise the level of readership will certainly carry your imprint.

The IBA is the brainchild of CJ over at Food Stories Blog. The IBA’s purpose is to recognize fellow bloggers for “illuminating, informative blog content.” Thanks CJ for leading the way in giving “youngsters” like me a fighting chance to stay afloat and, perhaps, succeed in the vast, wide-open space that is the blogosphere.

To steal the words out of the mouth of the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz, “Shucks folks, I’m speechless!”

In accepting the IBA, I’m to mention one random fact about myself. So, here goes.

I once received free drinks at a small bar/nightclub in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) when I was coaxed up on stage by the manager after my friends convinced him that I was a pretty decent impersonator. I guess I succeeded, because my drink refills where offered up free-of-charge by the bartender on duty, and the crowd in attendance didn’t boo me off stage or pelt me with stale produce.

I know I’m dating myself when I say this, but I used to do a pretty credible job of impersonating the likes of Hollywood icons John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, TV host Ed Sullivan, along with U.S. Presidents JFK, LBJ and Richard Nixon. Vaughn Meader or Rich Little I was not, but that push up on stage that night in Indy was probably a defining moment in my life as I eventually ended up on radio, using comedy — impressions of well-known celebrities and a cast of other characters that I created — as part of my on-air persona.

Today, I prefer to hide behind The Palladian Traveler moniker, writing about whatever TPT encounters as he meanders along the cobblestone to somewhere.

In return for the privilege to paste an IBA logo on my homepage, I must now nominate five fellow bloggers for their “illuminating” output on WordPress. May I have the envelope, please?

My five nominees are:

Ioanna Aggelidaki of life portOfolio. Ioanna really knows how to tickle the funny bone, through her artwork and creative copy, from her blog hideaway in Greece.

Francis Cheng of Trail of Crumbs — Raised Canadian, but with deep Philippine roots, Francis is a true artist behind the lens.  One look at his photography blog and you’ll quickly realize his genius.

Paul Dean of Ambling Around Brisbane — A transplanted Londoner, Paul now calls Brisbane, Austrailia home. Paul delivers wit and wisdom in each and every one of his sterling photos and clever posts from his wide-angle perch Down Under.

Rommel of The Sophomore Slump — In demand with his new On Demand blog look, TSS takes you here, there and everywhere with great photos and great narrative.

Margie Miklas of Margie in Italy — A published travel writer, [My little] Margie shares her “love affair with Italy” as she brings you up-to-date news, events and travel tips on Bella Italia.

Getting an award, especially one from a fellow blogger, just validates all the hard work that goes into making a polished, professional-looking post each and every time.  

Here’s hoping you’ll get your first or next accolade soon from a fellow blogger who thinks your efforts are “illuminating.” Just don’t let the cat (Cowardly Lion) get your tongue when it’s time for you to accept.

See you along the cobblestone to somewhere…

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images



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