Green, Green Alley of Home

Sara Rosso at WordPress HQ pulled out another fun Weekly Photo Challenge from her bag of tricks. This time around: GREEN.

When I read the post, I realized this latest test was, literally, right up my alley. Why? Because the “alley” I live on is Joseph GREEN Street — Viale Giuseppe VERDI, the Italian plural of VERDE, which means GREEN. The street, obviously, is named in honor of the world-renowned Italian opera composer of the same.

How appropriate, too, that the big city park, in all its GREENERY, is right across the street.

Anyway, it’s up to each of us participating to celebrate this primary color in all of its various shades and hues. From Army, Asparagus and Bright GREEN, to Spring, Tea and Water Sprout GREEN.

With about 29.2 percent of Mother Earth covered in land, just about everywhere we turn, unless we’re smack dab in the middle of the desert far from the nearest oasis, or adrift at sea, we readily experience GREEN. Physically, psychologically and conversationally.

Consider how GREEN colors our everyday language. Like, GREEN thumb, GREENER pastures, GREEN around the gills, going GREEN, and GREENBACKS. And there are many other examples of how GREEN dots our lexicon.

GREEN is a cool color that symbolizes nature and our natural world. GREEN represents tranquility, good luck, health, and, unfortunately, jealousy: GREEN with envy.

GREEN even relieves tension and eases stress. Actors and performers, before going on stage or in front of the the television camera, chill out, relax or decompress in the GREEN room.

Whether coming, going are being inside my humble abode on Viale G. VERDI, I’ve experienced my fair share of GREEN — from the sights I’ve seen, the food I’ve eaten, and the liquids I’ve consumed.

Here now is un assaggio (a little taste) of the shades of GREEN that I’ve encountered, near and far, from my GREEN, GREEN alley of home…

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images



  1. Clicking “like” just isn’t sufficient – I wanted to click “like” many, many times. Your narrative was engrossing, your music superb, and the images were nourishment for the mind and heart. Thanks you so much.

  2. A well-though photos with lovely photos. I agree green is everywhere that’s why it’s my favorite color. Thank you reminding me of the various meaning attached to it.

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