Somebody Down Here LIKES Me

While taking a look at my blog’s STATS — I had to take a peek — I noted that I passed another benchmark number. The other week I went over 5,000 views — Did Jimmy Fallon Make Me Do It? — and just a while ago I received my 500th LIKE.

It’s nice to receive positive feedback from fellow bloggers and strangers alike; it’s the carrot that keeps me blogging forward. I’m happy to receive the kudos, but equally pleased to pass around some “attaboys/girls,” too.

So, thanks again for the LIKES, all 500 of them.

©The Palladian Traveler



  1. Congrats, Tom! Great stuff…I’m still a fledgling and aspiring to “500” (got to 300 once) and about half way on views…but building a community is the name of the game. Thanks for yours and for being a part of mine…:D


    1. Cara Victoria — I am now one of your “disciples.” I noted on your Travel Pizazz blog that you do not have a comments section after each of your posts. Might be good so that folks stopping by can put in their 2-cents right away. For instance, keeping it Italiano, your TidBitZ should actually be “assaggio.” Fai una buona fine settimana.


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