Infinitely Framed

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has us focusing on the INFINITE. It’s a focal length that I especially like to capture when I’m out and about with my gear looking for unique perspectives to shoot.

Here are a few of my long-distance shots. Have a favorite? Care to comment?

For more INFINITE views, just click HERE.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images




  1. Great set of images, Tom! For me, the first shot of the road through the mountains shouts infinity… and I love the lane leading to the archway (to who knows what beyond) I’m intrigued by the footbridge leading to the place on what looks like Tufa rock, puts me in mind of Civita de Bagnoregio, but yet it doesn’t have the skyline I remember. Unless that was before renovations. Do let me know!


  2. I’ve always loved the one of the canal (at least I think I’ve seen it before here) The top left one of the road reminds me of le Tour (sans people and cyclists) and is very appealing and also really like the one of the railing, lake and mountains.

    2-0 good guys (or birds)!!



    1. Janet — The Venice my have been recycled from an earlier post, or looks similar to something about La Serenissima that I posted. The other two are lakeside scenics along Lac Leman in CH. Yea, 2-zip. The Dodgers are really feeling BLUE. Go Redbirds, beat L.A.!


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