Red October Pizza: The Carlos Beltrán

What a great start to the Major League Baseball (MLB) postseason and the Red October Pizza.

Red October Pizza - Adam Wainwright - ©2012 Sarah Glenn-Getty ImagesMy high-flyin’ St. Louis Cardinals did a number on the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates Thursday night, winning easily 9-1 behind the masterful arm of pitcher Adam Wainwright and timely hitting and great fielding from the rest of the Redbirds.

One down and two more wins to go.

For Friday’s National League Division Series game-2 lineups, let’s go upstairs to the PA announcer…

“Coming out of the oven as our number-2 Red October Pizza is a flatbread pie that has smokin’ power to all parts of the table. It’s The Carlos Beltrán Smoked Mozzarella and Peperoni.”

Red October Pizza - Carlos Beltran | ©2013 AP Photo/Jeff RobersonIt’s an oval befitting of StL’s Puerto Rican-born “Mister October,” with a smooth pesto genovese base coat covering the flatbread surface, topped with a sprinkling of dried hot red pepper flakes, thick rounds of mozzarella di bufala affumicata (smoked mozzarella cheese), and interspersed with slices of grilled sweet bell peppers and toasted black olives.

Like Carlos Beltrán, his namesake pie is a real home run when delivered belt-high.

And, we’ll coach this Red October Pizza around your palate with a great tasting vino rosso: Cantina Maculan’s Pinot Nero from the vineyards of Breganze, Italy.

As the late Cardinal’s Hall-of-Fame broadcaster Jack Buck used to say after every Redbirds’ victory, “That’s a winner!”


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  1. And the Browns won last night, too. Life is good (and would be better if I had a piece of that pizza…and if my cold would go away.) 🙂 Have a great weekend, Tom.


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