Lines to Patterns: In Gray, Sepia and Living Color

With just the right angle of light, lines cast shadows revealing parallel shapes that add an additional dimension to the subject being framed by the lens.

Lines to Patterns in Sepia | ©Tom Palladio ImagesTaking it a step further, removing color in favor of sepia tones or gray scale (B&W) for certain compositions, I believe, makes the presentation even more eye-catching than its original state, turning the frames into old period pieces.

Sepia tones or B&W can dramatically change the entire mood of the moment when bright colors no longer dominate the scene. Of course, a little splash of chroma now and then never hurts the eyes, right?

Here’s a sampling of some Lines to Patterns photography — this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme — in sepia, B&W and living color. Just click on each frame for a full-screen view.

For more examples of Lines to Patterns photography, just click HERE to go to the Weekly Photo Challenge repository.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images




  1. I guess I should get tired of saying they’re all lovely, but… My favorite is the stairway, with the contrast between the vivid orange and the grey of the railing.


    1. I never tire of hearing, “they’re all lovely…” 🙂 That staircase was covered in red carpeting, but the traffic up and down left it orange-like by the time I got there to shoot it. Glad you liked it, and the others too.

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