I get up early on Mondays so that I can tidy up the apartment a bit before F, my collaboratrice domestica (domestic), shows up. I’m actually too embarrassed to have her see the post-apocalyptic state of my “man cave” since her previous visit.

Macrolazione | ©Tom Palladio ImagesI openly admit that I’m a bit of piglet, so I’m happy to have her rush in once a week like a white tornado and right my first-floor frigate that’s moored along Viale Verdi.

Because of the fire drill-like scene around my place on Mondays, I don’t have time to have breakfast before F arrives. So, once she rings and we exchange pleasantries, I get out of her way and head to one of the local bars for an Italian-style colazione (breakfast).

Here in Italy — at least around the Greater Veneto where I live — mornings are a rush for the locals, too, as most Veneti ignore having breakfast at home, opting instead for just an espresso, cappuccino or caffè latte – with or without a brioche (pastry) or krapfen (jelly donut) – at the train station, bus depot or somewhere along the street heading to their respective 9-to-5 domiciles.

This being MACRO Monday’s turn in the weekly Phoneographic Challenge, I thought I’d give you a close-up view of my simple MACROlazione captured on my iPhone5.

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Until next Monday, let your iThingie be your lens.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images





  1. Funny, funny opening–yummy choices for your early morning meal. I especially like reading about your European lifestyle, and your photographs pull me into their own narrative. Happy Phoneography Monday.

  2. Looks delish. Your story reminds me of my m-i-l. We hired a girl to do some cleaning for her and I think Mom did most of it before the girl arrived. But she enjoyed the company, so that was well worth it.


  3. I have always loved being pushed to pick up the clutter so I could get the real cleaning done. I hate housecleaning and decided a hundred years ago that I would work a minimum wage job if I had to, in order to pay to have my house cleaned. Then I found out I had to work to pick up before she came. Your breakfast looks yummy – I hope you walk to the restaurant or you will loose your youthful profile. 🙂

  4. WLinF — I generally put the English translation next to the Italian word or phrase to help you out, and just let the photos do the rest of the “talking.” Thanks for stopping by for breakfast.

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