In the Pink

Marianne, the Maiden of (East of) Málaga, has pulled a PINK rabbit out of her hat for September’s Conjeo Blanco Blog Hop (CBBH) photo challenge.

In the Pink | ©Tom Palladio ImagesHere in Italy, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the Bel Paese is a country filled with color. From the food they eat, the liquids they consume, the flashy sports cars they drive, the trendsetting clothes they wear, to the colorful houses, apartments and villas they inhabit.

Around twilight, while daylight savings time is still in effect, Italian urbanites leave their offices, take a stroll around their fair city center then head to their favorite outdoor caffè for a pre-dinner aperitivo al fresco with family, friends or colleagues.


As part of entering the monthly CBBH photo challenge, shutterbugs are to note two fellow bloggers that they’ve commented on during the month, mention their sites and encourage others to hop right on over for a look-see. For September, I’d like to invite you to drop by and sample Janet’s Sustainabilitea as she muses about this, that and the other thing; and, find out what’s so new at A New Day by Pat.

For more shades of PINK, just click HERE.

Ciao for now.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images




  1. Yum!! I don’t have watermelon, but I do have a wonderfully ripe melon and some proscuitto, so guess what’s on for the weekend?? BTW, thanks very much for the mention! It’s much appreciated. Have a great weekend yourself. Anything special going on? Our older daughter is coming for the weekend and we may put her to work unpacking or lugging boxes if it’s not more work to organize than doing it myself. 🙂


  2. Love your photos, Tom – especially the first one (is it Venice?). I love Venice – in fact, I love Italy 🙂

    I enjoyed looking at both Janet and Pat’s blogs – neither of which I knew before – which is exactly the point of this CBBH Photo Challenge.

    Thanks Tom.

  3. What a wonderful interpretation of pink – especially the ones with the pink glow of evening sun. Thanks for the mention, Tom. I appreciate your thinking of me.

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