Addio Inverno

The weather the last few days around my humble abode has been nothing short of spectacular — warm temperatures and nothing but clear, blue skies.

The porticos toward Monte Berico - Vicenza, ITOut on the street, heavy overcoats and parkas have rapidly given way to light jackets and pullover sweaters. Some have even found it pleasant enough to roll up their long-sleeve shirts or tug on a polo. The later have got to be tourists from International Falls, MN, where a heat wave is any degree above zero.

That wasn’t the case too long ago, as my adopted city of Vicenza — City of Palladio — weathered  a pretty wet, snowy and foggy winter season.

All in all, it wasn’t too bad, but when that alarm clock sounded at oh-dark-thirty and the heating system hadn’t quite gotten up to speed, it took a real effort to roll out of bed, put foot in slipper and stagger downstairs and greet the morning DAWN with a yawn.

Thankfully, winter — in all its overcast shades of gray — has packed its bags and is now heading to the Southern Hemisphere to torment residents from Coihaique to Capetown to Christchurch.

Addio inverno (Goodbye winter).

Enjoy the short video of a typical DAWN that greeted me just outside my window this past winter.

©The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images

The Palladian Traveler's Borsalino over cobblestone | ©Tom Palladio Images



  1. Terrific post, Tom! How could every day not be photogenic when put to such beautiful music…. Thanks for sharing!

    1. QEIII — Glad you enjoyed viewing one of my recent winter’s dawn. Finally Spring has arrived; so, off with the coats and on with light sweaters. Flip-flops can’t be too far behind 🙂

  2. Gorgeous indeed! We had 82°F on Sunday here! I think it’s going to be a hot summer for all of us in “Southern” Europe 🙂

      1. Well – there have to be some drawbacks to living in Paradise! S l o w internet is one of them (though I’m concerned the same is true in Australia too!). 🙂

  3. We said Addio Inverno here in western NY yesterday with 70+ temps. Car windows down, sun shining, warm breeze and my favorite; NO Furnace!

    Tom, your photo’s are so beautiful. I love how you can make dark, grey and cold look so inviting and spectacular.

  4. Yes! Let it make it’s way down south! I’m ready for Spring, long days, warm nights and colorful smiling people on the streets! Great production Traveler 🙂

  5. Oh Tom. I have decided to spare you a major episode of ranting and raving because it isn’t your fault that we are in Michigan with the constant one-shade-of-grey-sky-in-April weather. I can feel your joy and excitement that wells up with blue skies and warmth. Everyone gets kind of giddy. Hubby and I have had more snarky moments in the past two days than we have had in the past two years. We desperately need some giddy. 🙂

      1. Last December hubby scheduled a medical procedure for tomorrow and wasn’t willing to change it. Yesterday he promised that we would stay until the end of April next year. I will try to feel better today because I’m not in Int’l Falls. And I’m trying not to be snarky. I am actually laughing now – at me. I frequently feel better when I get some distance from myself.

  6. Tom, Glad to hear that Spring is coming, We leave next week and have been trying to decide exactly what to pack especially since we’ll be in both Northern and Southern Italy. Since I haven’t heard from you re: my email and about meeting up, I assume our schedule doesn’t work with yours. I still hope to get to Vicenza since seeing all your beautiful pictures to me makes it a “must see” place.

    1. Janice — Spring has arrived and then some. You’ll have to share your itinerary with me — which you haven’t — so that I can see if I’ll be around. If it works out, we can meet up — either in Vicenza or Venice. Let me know soonest. I wouldn’t overdo the heavy clothes, unless you’ll be in the mountains, too. Back an umbrella and light raincoat or jacket, just in case. Nights are cool, but days are warm. Check for forecasts in those places you’ll be visiting.

      1. Still hace same email?? I sent some itinerary info earlier but happy to send again if same email!!

  7. Glad to hear Spring has arrived. We had a very warm weekend here in the District. It makes a big difference when the sun is out and flowers are in bloom. Our block went from dreary and dingy to colorful and inviting in just a few weeks! Hurray for Spring…hoping it lasts a bit longer before the humidity hits us!

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