Up Close with Fork and Camera

Burning Z graphic from The Mask of Zorro | ©Amblin EntertainmentIn Las Californias of the 1820s, Zorro rode around carving a big Z with his blade as he struck fear into the hearts and minds of soldiers assigned to New Spain.

Sue, aka the Skinny Wench of A Word in Your Ear, on the other hand, has taken the big Z and placed it squarely in our faces. The Z she has in mind is ZOOM, this week’s A-Word-a-Week Photo Challenge.

In lens speak, the ZOOM is there to assist us in quickly increasing the magnification of a distant object so that we can clearly see — if in focus — the smallest details of the subject we’re shooting from afar.

Here are a few ZOOMs that I hope would have been suitable for framing by El Z (Don Diego) or devouring by Sergeant Garcia.

@The Palladian Traveler | ©Tom Palladio Images

The Palladian Traveler's Borsalino over cobblestone | ©Tom Palladio Images



    1. Pat – Just poke around underneath the GOOD CHEFS section. The recipes for those two pasta dishes showcased in this video are there: Herman Melville Mussels and Symphony No. 5 in Red Sauce Major.

  1. What a great collection of Zoom photos. You really know how to bring the observer into the world of the camera. I thank you once more for liking my Lagazuoi post. I sure you know far more about the subject than I.

    1. Although I’ve heard of Lagazuoi, and really enjoyed the great photos to selected to compliment the text, I’ve not gone up there. Maybe next time I’m up in the Dolomites. Glad you enjoyed my zoom-in/out shots.

    1. Jo — This post was about ZOOM photography — out and in. I attempted to show the same shot, far away and close in. Maybe the Zorro reference threw you off, but it was all about the Z, for zoom and not Zorro. Capish?

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