Lazy Person’s Cookie-Laden Continental Colazione

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

How many times in your life have you heard or read that statement? Countless, I’m sure. And that pronouncement isn’t going away anytime soon, because, according to innumerable medical and nutritional experts, it’s true. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but a myriad of studies indicate that people who skip breakfast are disproportionately likely to have problems with concentration, metabolism, and weight. Not on my watch!

You can skimp on lunch or dinner, but don’t turn a blind eye on breakfast. Next to a nice shower, it’s the best way to jump-start your day.

I have family, friends and friends-of-friends back in the USofA who simply blow off breakfast claiming, “I’m not hungry so early in the morning.” They grab only a cup of Joe – or tea, hot chocolate, glass of warm milk, fruit juice, or a Coke or Pepsi – then rush out the door, merge with the crowd and make their way to work or wherever their day begins.

Here in Italy – at least around the Greater Veneto where I live – mornings are a rush, too, as most Veneti also ignore having breakfast at home, opting instead for just an espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte – with or without a brioche (pastry) – at the railway station, bus depot or somewhere along the street heading to their respective 9-to-5 domiciles.

Of course, at around 10 o’clock – just like a precision-made Swiss watch – those hunger pangs kick in and, en masse, they hit the nearest bar, order a small panino (salami and cheese sandwich), a toast (ham and cheese sandwich) or a tramezzino (small, crust-less sandwich) with another coffee, a soft drink or an ombra (meaning “shadow,” but actually it’s a small glass of white wine), just to hold them over until it’s time for the midday meal – pranzo (lunch).

For me, right after I wake up and my feet hit the bedroom floor, I’m hungry. I don’t give it much thought on how to remedy my morning food craving, as more often than not I pretty much have the same prima colazione (breakfast) day in and day out. Not because I’m LAZY –  which I admit that I am – but because I just like it so much.

I used to enjoy big American-style breakfasts – eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, etc. –  but now I’ve adjusted my morning ritual to more of a modified continental to get my motor running.  I call it the Lazy Person’s Cookie-Laden Continental Colazione, or LPCLC2 for short.

This is not a recipe with step-by-step cooking instructions. It’s just what I routinely throw together for breakfast right after I throw on a robe.

Care to BREAK the FAST with me? Great. I’m starved!


Lazy Person’s Cookie-Laden Continental Colazione

 (450-500 calories)


3 freshly squeezed Arancia Rossa di Sicilia (Red Orange of Sicily), or an organic version – 100% natural, not from concentrate or with sugar added – bought at the grocery store.

– or –


1 whole piece or 1 cup of raw fruit (apples, grapes, pears, berries, etc.)


1 fruit flavored yogurt


1 or 2 cups of coffee from freshly ground Italian-roast beans, filter brewed as caffè lungo (long, American-style coffee). Raw sugar and fresh cream to taste.


6 Mulino Bianco Tarallucci or 4 Ritornelli biscotti (cookies)



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  1. Very healthy! Apart from the handful of biscuits (as we call them in funny old England). I go for lots of cafetiere coffee, with steaming hot milk, and a Marlboro Light or two 😉

  2. A healthy and delicious fruit smoothie and cookies. That sounds like a perfect breakfast, Tom! But you can have the coffee, I’ll go for herbal tea 🙂
    A very nice post, thank you for sharing these ideas. Now I feel like taking more time for breakfast. I’m the orange juice plus cracker/rice waffle type.

  3. The truth is i skip breakfast…. i am so ashamed of myself to admit it…. I just have a cup of coffee and go straight to work. I ‘ll give it some thought after this post though, just because your cookies look soooo good! 😀

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