Stephanie and Mark got Married


My short-lived career as a wedding planner came to an end on Saturday, June 6th when my youngest daughter Stephanie married Mark at an outdoor ceremony at Le Vescovane, a celebrated restaurant on the grounds of a restored 15th century country villa in the Berici Hills just above the City of Palladio, Vicenza, Italy.

Friends and family from both sides of the pond — North, Central and South America and from around Europe — came together in this idyllic setting overlooking a valley filled with vineyards to wish the newlyweds well.


In the words of one of the guests, “I felt like I was on the set of a Hollywood movie.”

The reception — aperitifs, appetizers and desserts served out in the spacious garden; the sit-down dinner savored inside the stone-walled and wooden-beamed barchessa — was simply amazing, and the venue staff were nothing short of spectacular.

And, the event, from start to finish, was well-documented by international wedding photographer extraordinaire Mauro Pozzer.


Now, if you’ll raise your virtual glasses, I’d like to make a brindisi. To Stephanie and Mark: A toast to love and laughter, and, fingers crossed, happily ever after.


©The Palladian Traveler

Borsalino w/ props SMALL | ©Tom Palladio Images



  1. Congratulations to them, and to you for setting up and pulling off the event (with the help of a few other people!) Many blessings to them and prayers for a long, happy marriage.



    1. Trina — Despite the scorching heat, it was the perfect setting for Stephanie’s wedding. It could not have gone any better. If you know of anyone in need of a wedding planner, please DO NOT refer me!


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