Thank Heaven for Little Girls

On the heels of Thanksgiving Day in the United States, it’s quite appropriate that this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is THANKFUL.

Word Press‘ sassy Sara Rosso has challenged us to reflect back on the year and pick out the good things that have happened to each of us and visually give THANKS in a frame or two, or three.

By the way, Sara says she’s THANKFUL for her legs and feet this past year that continue to take her where she needs to go, and probably fast, too.

I’m THANKFUL that her challenge this time around is an easy one, at least for me. No head scratching, no tricky wordsmith-laden creative angle to conjure up, no time-consuming high-and-low search for photos to support this post — although there are quite a few in the video below, 52 to be exact.

Nope. All I had to do was look no further than the “family tree” and give THANKS for the three girls in my life: daughters Allison and Stephanie, and grand baby Maddalena “Maddie” Grace. Collectively, they keep this “old barge” afloat and navigating in the right direction.

They say that behind every great man is a woman. Well, I’m not great, far from it, actually; but, I am blessed with having not one, but THREE great gals — two grown, one only a toddler (she’ll catch up soon enough) — that have my back, warm my heart, and are just the absolute best this father-grandfather combo could ever ask.

Like the late, great French actor, singer and entertainer, Maurice Chevalier, I can honestly and sincerely say, not sing, “THANK heaven for little girls.”

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©Tom Palladio Images



  1. I have seen GIGI tens of times, Maurice Chevalier is at his best there! I am following you from Sicily. I see BENVENUTI up there, do you speak Italian by any chance?:)

  2. Nice…one heck of a legacy young man. Può in quest stagione di vacanze essere riempito di gioia. (Thanks to Google translate…too many of my brain cells are gone to learn another language.)

    1. Thanks Steve. Google translate was close enough for me to understand what it was that you wanted to say. Don’t worry, I’ll be replenished with joy in the form of some good bottles of vino rosso and an abundant supply of Prosecco. Cheers!

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