Framing Palladio: Ponte degli Alpini

Normally, Ms. Garmin directs me to the front gate of a UNESCO World Heritage villa that bears the imprint of High Renaissance master builder Andrea Palladio, the architect of Palladianism. However, this time… Continue reading

Phoetry: Legendary Venice

This is the third in a series of collaborations with fellow blogger and “poet laureate” Orna O’Reilly of Orna O’Reilly: Travelling Italy, where we marry her original prose with my original photos and,… Continue reading

Al Peraretto: To Live and Dine in the Euganean Hills

One thing that Italians do better than just about everyone else on the planet is the Sunday ritual of getting together with family and friends around la tavola — with knife, fork and wine… Continue reading

Under Doctor’s Orders in the Trentino

While the feel of the well-balanced silver cutlery still weighs in my hand, the splendor of wild forest berries from delightful ruby-red wines continue to dance around my palate, and a Cheshire cat-like… Continue reading

Exploring Legendary Venice with a Gal named Freddy

LEGENDARY. From the Latin word legendarius. Meaning, someone or something described in or based on legends; remarkable enough to be famous, very well known, renowned. Taking a look around, I must be smack dab… Continue reading

A Splash of Venice in Every Glass

When you think of Venice, what immediately comes to mind? A gondolier in a striped shirt and straw hat navigating his craft through a narrow canal? The excitement unfolding at the large market… Continue reading

Iberian Adventure: Savoring Seville as We Wave Adiós

The intrepid “band of merry media” and I, 29 travel writers and photographers invited by Insight Vacations to experience a portion of its Iberian Adventure through Portugal and Spain, have cleaned up pretty… Continue reading

Thirty Hours in Venice

Only a 45-min. train ride from my creative hideaway, Venice is a regular destination of mine whenever the mood strikes. And, it strikes often. Recently, I was invited to La Serenissima by Walks… Continue reading

Iberian Adventure: Can’t We All just get along in Córdoba?

For the past five days, 29 international travel journalists and photographers have banded together and shared space on a luxury motor coach rolling through Portugal and Spain as guests of Insight Vacations (Insight)… Continue reading

Framing Palladio: Villa La Rotonda

Of all the iconic buildings, churches, residences and monuments across the Veneto region of northeastern Italy that bear the imprint of Renaissance master builder Andrea Palladio, there is but one that fully encapsulates… Continue reading