Velenosi Rosso Piceno DOC

Rosso Piceno DOC – Velenosi Vineyards, Ascoli Piceno, Italy – This brilliant ruby-red blend, with equal parts Montepuliciano and Sangiovese grapes, comes from vineyards surrounding Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region of Central Italy, just 25k from the Adriatic Sea.

This wine’s bouquet is zesty, as your nose takes in fragrant hints of forest fruits, strawberry and vanilla.

Tangy to the taste with a lean, fruit-forward character, slight tannins and a fine aromatic finish.

Velenosi’s Rosso Piceno DOC, a Marchigiano workhorse, pairs well with a variety of hearty regional first and second courses, including Campofilone Maccheroncini in a chicken giblet red sauce; sausages in red sauce over polenta: grilled, roasted or stewed red meats; and, an array of medium-aged cheeses found around the Marche region. It even marries well with pizza!






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