Bonsoir in the Vineyards

In the small village of Montagne, located in the middle of as-far-as-the-eye-can-see vineyards in southwestern France, stand two well-preserved moulins (windmills) that are the pride-and-joy of a local winery, Chateau Saint Jacques Calon, the producer of a fine Bordeaux region Merlot-Cabernet Franc blend, Cuvée des Moulins.

Back in the mid 1800s, all across l’Hexagone vintners were under attack by a tiny aphid invader from North America that systematically brought the entire French wine industry to its knees, region by region, vineyard by vineyard. In anticipation of the imminent devastation, chateaus rushed to construct windmills to serve as the workhorse for their backup plan: burn down the vineyards, temporarily grow and harvest wheat and mill it into flour until the earth below was renewed and newly planted vines could take root and flourish.

As daytime exhales its final, long deep breath signaling nighttime’s arrival, there’s really no better place to be than alongside the rose-colored windmills of Chateau Saint Jacques Calon to watch the setting sun bid bonsoir in the vineyards.

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  1. Very interesting story, Tom. I like it when regions/people are proactive and resilient when things like this happen. Beautiful photos also. 😉


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