Phoneographic Black Runs over White

Fresh off a ski week — no broken bones, in case you’re wondering — high in the Dolomites around the Val Pusteria of the Trentino Alto Adige region of northern Italy, my trusty… Continue reading

Phoneographic Phrames of Nature

This week, ringtone shooters are going up against Mother Nature to phone in a few shots of, well, NATURE for the every-Monday-of-the-month Phoneography Challenge (PC). I’ve been on hiatus from the PC for… Continue reading

Caption the Moment #7

“We’ve gotta go INSIDE the can?”

Caption the Moment #6

“Hey, ref! That guy’s clearly offside.”

Country Roads of Italy: Epilogue

It’s been a little over a month — real-time, not virtual — since I was aboard Insight Vacations‘ motor coach, reclined in my business-class legroom seat, rolling through Umbria and Tuscany wondering what… Continue reading

Sunday with Zia O

If it weren’t for my sister-in-law, Olivanna — Zia O to my girls — I’d starve to death. Well, almost. She’s wined and dined me for years. Normally, I find myself at la… Continue reading

Happy MMXIV!

If it’s worth saying, then it’s worthy of your pen. If it’s worth seeing, then it’s worthy of your lens. Words without images, and vice versa, Makes sharing your blog posts that much… Continue reading

My Big Fat Italian Christmas

Celebrating Natale (Christmas) here in Italy is way more complicated than just exchanging gifts placed under the tree. That’s the easy part. Anyone can do that. No, the art of negotiating your way… Continue reading

Country Roads: Gliding into the Venetian Sunset

As daylight’s descent wanes, heading ever closer and begrudgingly toward the night, not wanting its place in the sky to end, my band of merry media — guest travel writers and photographers on… Continue reading

Country Roads: Venice splashed by Acqua Alta

The late Robert Benchley, a 20th century American humorist, newspaper columnist and Hollywood actor, was sent packing to Europe one summer by good friends and fellow film stars David Niven and Douglas Fairbanks,… Continue reading