Macros Outside a Museum

This week, ring-tone shooters go eyeball-to-eyeball with their subjects as MACROS zoom in and occupy the space known as the Phoneographic Challenge. On my daily meanderings along the cobble within the centro storico… Continue reading

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The alarm sounds and suddenly I’m back in the hear and now, awake. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I rise, shave, shower, dress and head downstairs into the kitchen to prepare, or… Continue reading

Caption the Moment #4

“Hey…Catch Up!”

Under Doctor’s Orders: Epilogue

If you’ve been following this blog recently, then you’re aware that I just spent two weeks in the Valle Salus (Healthy Valley) known as Terme di Comano, up in the Trentino Alto Adige… Continue reading

Phantastic Phoneographic Phlora

It’s the first Monday of the month and phoneographers should be out and about phoning in frames of NATURE, this week’s Phoneography Challenge, on their mobiles-slash-cells. On a just-concluded, sorta-kinda vacation up in… Continue reading

Under Doctor’s Orders: The Good Guys in White Hats and Black Jackets

While the feel of the well-balanced silver cutlery still weighs in my hands, the splendor of wild forest berries from delightful ruby-red wines continue to dance around my palate, and a Cheshire cat-like… Continue reading

Under Doctor’s Orders: The Grapes of John Lithgow

After days of soaking in H2O, via my two-a-day thermal baths at the Grand Hotel Terme (GHT) in Terme di Comano, I toweled off and joined a small group of my fellow “patients”… Continue reading

Under Doctor’s Orders: Canale di Tenno

I came to the Trentino Alto Adige region of northern Italy in search of a cure, a water cure, to diminish the effects of a skin disorder that’s bothered me for some time.… Continue reading

Under Doctor’s Orders: Fiavè — Life on Stilts

Long before Amsterdam, Venice and the Kingdom of Paeonia, but sometime after Fred and Wilma Flintstone of Bedrock, a small prehistoric tribe near Fiavè, in the Trentino area of northern Italy, drove lengthy… Continue reading

A Panoramic Phocus on Phoneography

This being the fourth Phoneography Monday of the month, digital ring tone shooters can choose a topic off the à la carte menu for this week’s challenge. Because I’ve been sorta-kinda on vacation… Continue reading