Iberian Adventure: Walking the Decorative Cobble of Lisbon

Nothing says Bom dia (Good morning) better than Portugal’s revered pastry: pastel de nata, a custard tart. I’ve plated several for breakfast — okay, three — in the dining room of Lisbon’s Dom… Continue reading

Iberian Adventure: Bem-Vindo a Lisboa!

Just like da Gama, Dias and Magellan, Portuguese explorers who navigated their way into the “great unknown” that was the Age of Discovery, I, too, take a sorta-kinda, but less challenging, leap of… Continue reading

Iberian Adventure: Paella, Palaces and Port

Here I sit, tapping my fingers anxiously on the armrest of seat 16A — like castanets accenting the beat inside a café cantante (singers cafe) — aboard TAP Airlines flight Eight-Six-Niner as I wing my way… Continue reading

The Lady behind The Mask

Once upon a time, Venice was a powerful, majestic and innovative maritime republic that ruled the high seas for over a thousand years. She was a leader in trade between Europe and the… Continue reading

The Prow and Joy of Venice

DID YOU KNOW? Il ferro (iron), the distinctive ornamentation at the prow of a Venetian gondola, the most forward part of the boat, serves as its front bumper protecting it from everyday nicks and… Continue reading

Buongiorno: Breaking the Fast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” How many times have you heard or read that statement? Countless, I’m sure. And that pronouncement isn’t going away anytime soon, because, according to… Continue reading

Celebrating the Wine Harvest with Bottega Gold

There is nothing better in a travel-foodie blogger’s life than to receive an invitation to attend a special event involving a knife, a fork, a spoon and a wine glass. I scored such… Continue reading

Discovering The Emerald Isle: Land of Saints, Scholars and Clouds

Known as the “land of saints and scholars,” Ireland, the ever-popular, emerald-green isle, has given the world the luck of its people, Saint Patrick’s Day, the narrative of James Joyce, the music of… Continue reading

Loving Romagna with Knife, Fork and Camera

Bookended by Ravenna to the north and Gabicce Mare to the south lies the Rivera Romagnola, a hundred or so kilometers of pristine beaches that embrace the Bel Paese‘s side of the Adriatic… Continue reading

Road Trippin’ along The Riviera: Bordighera

Five hours after leaving Vicenza in the rearview mirror, with 474 km (284 mi) logged, a half tank of diesel drained and €41 spent on highway tolls, Ms. Garman happily announces, “Arrived at destination,” as… Continue reading