The Villas of the Venetian Republic: Villa dei Vescovi

Normally, my glass is half full — with optimism, not wine — but, sometimes I get fooled and lower my expectations when the forces of nature come into play. Take for instance, the… Continue reading

Caption the Moment #8

He’s been asking her every year for the past 500+…

What’s Burning: Penne con Pancetta e Pomodorini

I’ve admitted it many times over, so it shouldn’t come as a total surprise when I say that I’m pretty clueless in the kitchen. That’s why, rather than take the blame directly, I… Continue reading

Traveling the Wine Roads of Italy: Ca’ Lustra

Perched above the picturesque Faedo Valley, in the heart of the soil-rich Euganean Hills of Italy’s northeastern region of the Veneto, sits a family run, totally organic tenuta (estate) that transforms superlative grape into… Continue reading

Spritz Campari: Milan’s Passionate Red Cocktail

It’s no secret that Venetians, well-known or anonymous, cherish their hometown favorite, and purportedly Italy’s signature aperitivo (cocktail), the Spritz Veneziano (Venetian Spritz). Made with the Fratelli Barbieri ‘s secret bitter Aperol, a healthy amount… Continue reading

Traveling the Wine Roads of Italy: Santa Margherita

Surrounded by more than 1,000 hectares of fertile land that flows away from its entryway in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy down to where terra firma embraces the Adriatic Sea, stands the headquarters… Continue reading

The Villas of the Venetian Republic: Tiepolo Passi

For over a millennium, the Most Serene Republic of Venice — La Serenissima — was a super rich, majestic and innovative maritime power that was the leader in trade and diplomacy between Europe and… Continue reading

Ski Trek Villabassa 2014: Veni, Vidi, Edi

With apologies to Julius Caesar, just a slight word swap on the famous Latin quote attributed to him following his swift and victorious military campaign at the Battle of Zela in 47 BC: Veni,… Continue reading

Phoneographic Black Runs over White

Fresh off a ski week — no broken bones, in case you’re wondering — high in the Dolomites around the Val Pusteria of the Trentino Alto Adige region of northern Italy, my trusty… Continue reading

Phoneographic Phrames of Nature

This week, ringtone shooters are going up against Mother Nature to phone in a few shots of, well, NATURE for the every-Monday-of-the-month Phoneography Challenge (PC). I’ve been on hiatus from the PC for… Continue reading