Country Roads: Escape to Giudecca

I’ve just been punched, a real roundhouse to the old breadbasket, by that “time flies when you’re having so much fun” realization that your temporary taste of la dolce vita is about to… Continue reading

Country Roads: Under the Spell of La Serenissima

For the past six days I’ve been living the sweet life, and doing so on someone else’s euro. Totally content with my business-class legroom seat and onboard WIFI connection, I’ve been riding inside… Continue reading

Country Roads: Bologna — Gone in Sixty Minutes

The late Italian film director Sergio Leone, best remembered for his “spaghetti westerns,” brought together three unique characters in his U.S. Civil War period feature centered on the search for buried Confederate gold:… Continue reading

Country Roads: The Redheads of Maranello

Climbing on board the motorcoach with the rest of my groggy-eyed group of merry media — journalists and photographers invited by Insight Vacations to sample an abbreviated version of its fabulous Country Roads… Continue reading

Country Roads: A Dark and Foodie Night

“It was a dark and stormy night…” These seven words, joined at the hip, form an often mocked and parodied phrase quilled by English novelist Edward Buwler-Lytton in the opening sentence of his… Continue reading

Country Roads: The Good Humor Man of San Gimignano

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, standing next to an ancient landmark in the middle of San Gimignano’s Piazza della Cisterna. I’m with my band of merry media. All 23 of us are guests… Continue reading

Country Roads: Scraping the Skies of Medieval Italy

Long before Peter Minuit, the Director of New Netherland, a Dutch colony established in the New World, purchased the island of Manhattan from Native Americans in 1626, there was already a place back… Continue reading

Country Roads: Paparazzi at the Osteria

One of the drawbacks of being on tour as part of an international media group — we’re 23 strong and guests of Insight Vacations (Insight) on its abbreviated Country Roads of Italy journey through… Continue reading

Country Roads: Chianti pours forth from Fonterutoli

After catching some rays under the Tuscan sun around Cortona, our band of merry media — VIP guests on an abbreviated version of one of Insight Vacations‘ (Insight) Country Roads of Italy itineraries —… Continue reading

Country Roads: Under the Renovated Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun, the 2003 romantic-comedy movie (read, chick flick) loosely based on Frances Mayes’ 1996 memoir of the same name, stars Diane Lane as a recently divorced San Francisco writer who drops… Continue reading