Riviera di Ulisse

This part of the Italian coastline, stretching 60km along the southern flank of the Lazio region, was named after Homer’s mythical hero-voyager, Ulysses — Remember, he did stay a year, so he and his crew had plenty of time to explore the coast in between wining and dining with the sorceress Circe — is a sight to see.

With its picturesque cities and towns dotting the landscape, a handful of islands close by out at sea, the crystal clear shades-of-blue Tyrrhenian, vineyards filled with juicy grape just waiting to be turned into award-winning wine, seafood dishes of every type to whet your palate and a national park to explore, what’s not to like about it.

Must-see stops in Gaeta, San Felice Circeo and Terracina.

Follow in the footsteps of Ulysses.

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