A Phoneographic Post-Procedure Pheast

Phoneographic Pheast | ©Tom Palladio ImagesI know this is way more information than you bargained for, but just shy of the 24-hour mark of fasting, during which I forced down four liters of a citrus-flavored polyethylene glycol solution to pave the way for this morning’s “Roto-Rooter” medical procedure, sans a “twilight” sedation, at Ospedale San Bortolo in beautiful downtown Vicenza — it went fine, thanks for asking — I was famished.

Sputtering home with my tank pointing well past empty, I could think of only one thing: FOOD.

Suffice it to say, the late-morning ingest hit the spot and I feel like I’m almost back to normal. Here’s what the pheast looked like — via my iPhone 5, not an endoscope — before I attacked it like a pheeding phrenzy along the Serengeti Plain.

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TPT Borsalino 2014 Color |©Tom Palladio Images