The Most Beautiful Sound I Ever Heard

Maria 1Two years ago today I sadly kissed, tearfully embraced and said goodbye forever to the most beautiful sound I ever heard.


The love of my life. My soulmate. My wife of almost 39-years. And, the mother of my two daughters.

I became who I am because of her, and only her. She was UNIQUE.

We were a great couple, a great team. We were lovable like Harry and Sally. Likable like Ricky and Lucy. And, laughable like Fred and Wilma.

Maria 2We fell in love here in Italy, thousands of miles away from where my life began in the American Midwest, and we remained as close as two people possibly could until the very, very end. She was the best gal a guy could ever have.

Without her, I’ve had to walk an entirely new road alone. Along the way I’ve had to negotiate the occasional bump, pothole and crack known as heartache, loneliness and despair — the inevitable hurdles one must overcome when the dearly departed take their leave.

Thankfully, I’m beginning to stroll along the sunny side of the street again as I distance myself from that dark cloud that engulfed me while I came to grips with the emptiness that took her place.

Unique in every way, she was, and will always remain, the most beautiful sound I ever heard.


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